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Our goal is to support you and offer you a global lubrication solution that will maximize the performance of your facilities and facilitate maintenance work. 20 years ago at TotalEnergies we began to develop an intuitive, easy-to-use software that would allow our clients to monitor the status of their equipment, the type of lubricant required in the different pieces of machinery, as well as oil changes and actions. necessary maintenance.

We continue to improve that software and today TIG 6 includes a multitude of features for planning maintenance and lubrication, turning a complex task into something simple to manage. In addition, using TIG 6 will contribute to lower maintenance costs, since it improves its efficiency.

An application capable of organizing everything :

  • Easy-to-use and easy-to-implement software.
  • Stores and references lubricant documentation
  • Compatible with Windows computers and Android and IOS smartphones
  • Smartphone barcode scanner for use directly in the plant
  • It has 20 years of development, becoming a stable and reliable software
  • Technical support and training provided by our technicians
  • Associated with LubAnac, sample analysis can be included in the maintenance plan


TIG 6 ordenador

Management of documentation

Integrated management allows uploading of technical sheets as well as internal procedures, increasing their visibility.

Integrated monitoring / control of oil condition

TIG 6 is fully compatible with  LubAnac, our analysis tool, allowing you to schedule lubricant status reports automatically.


  • Increase the life of assets / facilities
  • Decrease downtime
  • Reduces operating costs
  • It simplifies the follow-up of the maintenance history audits // of the maintenance actions carried out to date.

A complete tool for good maintenance planning

Generate work lists and validate all scheduled and / or unscheduled maintenance actions in a single system that stands out for its accessibility.

Access to information in real time

It allows maintenance technicians to access real-time data on the job through the mobile application that includes a function as a barcode reader.