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Lubricantes y aceites para motos

Motorcycle lubricants and oils, like those of a vehicle, require reviewing the manufacturer's instructions to know what viscosity is recommended, the API standard, the JASO standard and some other technical data. For this reason, TotalEnergies' range of motorcycle oils and lubricants includes a wide selection for different brands, taking these specifications into account.

Our oils have been meticulously formulated and engineered to ensure optimum engine performance. The quality of TotalEnergies motorcycle oils is indisputable.

Aceites para motos 2t y 4t de TotalEnergies​

¿Cómo mejora el rendimiento los aceites para motos de TotalEnergies?

The best lubricants for 2t and 4t motorcycles are those from TotalEnergies. Our motorcycle oils guarantee superior performance with increased protection and ensure a smoother ride. In addition, we improve the fuel efficiency of your motorcycle by reducing friction in the engine.

¿Cómo optimizan la protección los lubricantes para motos 2t y 4t de TotalEnergies​?

Nuestros aceites para motos 2t garantizan una mayor protección contra el desgaste de las piezas del motor. Los lubricantes para motos 2t y 4t de TotalEnergies​ limpian y protegen las piezas del motor de 2 tiempos contra la corrosión y los contaminantes.

Moto Chain Lube

Chain Lube is TotalEnergies' high performance grease for motorcycle chains. We designed it specifically to lubricate transmission chains, both for 2t and 4t motorcycles. We recommend using Chain Lube for all conditions of use and especially recommended in severe conditions, of external contamination, for example.

Benefits of Using Chain Lube Motorcycle

  • Increased protection against corrosion
  • Extends chain life
  • Insoluble in water
  • Fast adhesion due to quick evaporation of the solvent
  • Good cut resistance for better protection

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